Winter Looks

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I wanted to show three looks that were easy to achieve yet wearable for almost anyone with a bit of an edge to them. I gave a total look with hair and nails included. Doing one’s hair and nails may come easier to some. I know I had some challenges with the Halo French Braid; being a stylist myself, and being only right handed was interesting in creating Black Iced. I know practicing on one’s self does improve over time. Keep in mind that I don’t state specific products or brands unless I feel strongly about them. I do this because I don’t want the next person rushing out the door to buy the exact same product I’m using when they may have some of equal or better quality. Also, products I use are better for my medium golden skin tone. If you are of darker or lighter skin then you may have to switch to a lighter or darker or warmer or cooler shade that suits you. However, (for companies only please) I will do reviews given that products are provided to me by the company.  For more info, please contact me

So here are the three looks: Blue Christmas, Brown Dove, and Winter Magic.   I hope you have fun mixing and achieving each of these looks.

Blue Christmas

Blue Christmas 1

I wanted a clean almost classic look with a twist using blue lips. Yes this look was named after Elvis Presley’s Blue Christmas.

Blue Christmas Hair

Hair: I upstyled the hair in a French braid halo tying the end and tucking the tail into a section of the braid so nothing was hanging securing with bobby pins. I applied wax to areas to help smooth flyaways and set it with an extra hold hairspray lightly and evenly all over. This style really tests your coordination and patience but I was able to get it done in 15 minutes. If your hair is too slippery to work with try adding some pomade to your hair before styling or as you go.


Face prep and foundation: Moisturize and apply face primer. Let primer set for one minute. Apply appropriate foundation/tint. Apply concealer to areas needed. Blend well and set with powder.

Eyes: Apply an appropriate colored eyebrow cream with an angled brush to even out and shape brows. Apply black powder eyeshadow to the top lash line and smudged a little to give a smoked effect and then a white eyeliner to the bottom water line. Press a shimmery white powder eyeshadow to intensify the effect. Two coats of black mascara were applied to the top and bottom lashes.

Lips: Thinly apply lip primer all over the lips and let it set for 30 seconds. Using a lip brush, apply two to three coats of a dark blue lip cream. Clean edges with a concealer brush and foundation if needed.

Cheeks and finishing touches: Using a sheer shimmery peached pink highlighter, concentrate color on the apples of the cheeks and diffused the color up toward the temples to softly enhance the cheekbones. Finish with a few spritzes of setting spray.

Blue Christmas 2


The name of this nail look is Black Iced. I did a French tip style manicure with a blackened plum nail polish with rust flecks of glitter. I find it somewhat sexy to show some of your natural nail in a manicure design.

How to: Apply two coats of the nail color in the French tip style and let tips dry. Before applying a clear top coat use the same nail color and feather some of the color down towards the center of the nails to soften the sharp line. Let that dry then apply a clear fast drying top coat.


Brown Dove

Brown Dove 1

A simple and fun look for any day that’s a little boho with the hair. The makeup I decidedly used browns with a little shimmer on the eyes and a soft matte lip. I’ve been getting into really ash browns and nudes lately and this is a reflection of some of it.

Hair: I did a small side braid on the left side of my head and half hazardly pulled it into high pony tail. The look is supposed to messy. A little wax can be used to help with flyaways but no finishing spray to keep the look more undone.

Makeup was applied as:

Face prep and foundation: you can follow the same steps as Blue Christmas or you can use a lighter application in the form of a BB cream or sheer powder. The first look was portrayed as more of a classic and clean look. This look is a little more informal.

Eyes: Using an appropriate eyebrow cream, define the eyebrows with an angle brush. Apply a medium beige brown with shimmer on the lid and blend it upward into the crease and fade softly out. Using a smudge brush, apply the same shadow on the lower lash line. Line the entire eye with a shimmery gold brown liner and finish with two coats of black mascara.

Lips:  Lightly apply a lip primer and let it set for 30 seconds. Line lips with a grey brown lip liner and follow by applying a neutral ash deep brown matte lipstick straight from the tube. Any necessary blending can be done with a lip brush.

Cheeks and finishing touches: No blush was used with this look. Using a blush or contour brush apply a shimmery high shine mineralize highlighter on the “c” bone around the eyes, center of the forehead, bridge of the nose, and center of the chin. Finish with a few sprays of setting spray.

Black Iced

Nails: Black Iced. Same nail look as featured in Blue Christmas.


Winter Magic

Winter Magic 1

I wanted a fun whimsical almost fairytale look because what’s winter without a little magic? This look took a little longer to conjure up but you can tone it down or up the ante as much as you want. Fo example, you don’t have to apply glitter or shimmer to your entire face or body or…you can add more glitter and false lashes and make it as glamorous as you want.

Hair: The night before I put a heat protectant cream in damp hair and let my hair naturally air dry. You can do this or use a heat protectant spray for dry hair. Using a quarter inch curling iron and taking one inch sections I curled alllllll of my hair. It took a good 45 minutes but I played some music in the background and it went by pretty fast. I finished with a lightweight shine spray.

Winter Magic 2


Face prep and foundation: Apply moisturizer then face primer allowing it to sit for 1 minute. Apply a full coverage liquid foundation all over with a foundation brush. Next, using a full coverage liquid concealer that is one shade lighter your foundation, apply an upside down triangle under each eye extending from the bottom lash line to the center of the apple of your cheeks. Make sure to blend well and soften the edges. Apply the same concealer on the bridge of the nose, center of the eyebrows and forehead as well as the center of the chin making sure to blend and soften edges. This will create a soft contour without the use of a bronzer or blush. Then fill and shape the eyebrows with a softer brown than what you would normally use because you want them softer for this look. Apply a shimmery light beige mineralize powder to the entire face as well as neck, collarbones, chest and shoulders emphasizing more product application on the bones.

Eyes: First, apply a shimmery mint eyeshadow to the lower lash line and the inner two thirds of the lids. Using a shimmery white powder apply some right underneath the mint shadow and diffuse it outward with a finger to keep the density of the shadow but to soften the line. Then apply the same white shadow to the outer third of the lid. Being two soft shimmery shades, be careful not to blend too much because the colors will be less distinct. Then press a chunky silvery reflective glitter with your ring finger tip only on the underside of the eye starting from the lower outer corner of the eye working toward the inner corner of the eye. The idea is to make a heavier density of the glitter on the outer side of the eye and to have it slowly fade in to the center. Make sure they’re safe for the eyes and round shaped; pointed, uneven edges will scratch the eye more so than circular glitter. Add more as needed but not too much otherwise too much glitter will throw off the balance of this soft airy look. Apply two coats of mascara and using an eyelash comb clean and separate the lashes to remove clumps.

Lips: Apply a thin application of foundation over the lips if needed to tone down any redness in the lips. Then apply lip primer over it and let set for 30 seconds. This is to keep the foundation from mixing with the lip color for a truer shade. With a lip brush apply a shimmery matte powdered beige lipstick.

Cheeks and finishing touches: No blush used in this look. A finishing spray all over the face, neck, shoulders, and chest are all that is needed.

Nails: Mischievous. This whimsical look was a little too goody two shoes so I decided to use the same blackened plum nail color from the Black Iced look for this one and just applied it all over the nails and finished with a clear top coat for shine and protection. It will make you think twice if someone is as good as they seem.

**All photos taken and owned by Bob and

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