The Phantom Tollbooth

I am happy I started reading more often like I did when I was a young teen.  I read fantasy and fiction more often than other genres and some of my favorite authors are Neil Gaiman and Chuck Palahniuk. I read from other authors of course but this past year I had the joy of reading this novel called The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster, which was written around the 1960s and later made into an animation/film debuting in the 70s. I wanted to share this because it is something from my childhood.  I saw the movie way before knowing there was a novel based on it.  A friend of mine, Matt, is very much into reading and actually found a copy, in great shape I might add, of the book itself and gave it to me on one of his book hunts.



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The film itself is interesting on it’s own and is very enjoyable.  It is significantly different from the book. I won’t dive into how much different but I do recommend anyone to read it.  I would say watch the movie first and then read the book only because the book is a lot more meaningful in the novel than the movie, however, the movie gives you a much more playful overview to the novel itself, where at times in the book it can get a little heavy but only because it is something that anyone of any age can take away from it.

This is a post I wrote on Instagram regarding the book while I was halfway through it and my thoughts on it.

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The Phantom Tollbooth


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It is something too that can be read over and over to any generation.


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